Canadian PM Trudeau Refuses To Spend the Bare Minimum and Meet Defense Commitments

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been nothing but a wet blanket for the people of Canada. While he did intelligent things like legalizing marijuana across the country, his horrible rollout of what should be a simple setup even made that a mess. His goading of truckers into a strike over masks and vaccines, his failed immigration measures, and his lack of a backbone is embarrassing.

Now, a leaked Pentagon assessment from The Washington Post has cemented just how far the once polar bear-strong country has fallen. As of this point, many consider the duckbilled platypus to be a more defensive creature than all of Canada.

According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the US and other countries are getting tired of having to beg Ottawa to stick by their word. When it comes to the Arctic, Canada has been an utter failure in their defense in the Arctic where both the US and Canada have a mutual interest in preventing any encroachment from Russia or China.

In a NATO report, Canada is detailed for providing 1.29% of their gross domestic product (GDP), making a significant reduction from the 2% requirement to be a member. According to the document, Trudeau instead “told NATO officials that Canada will never reach 2% defense spending.” As the document substantiated, Canada hasn’t paid more than 1.6% in a quarter of a century.

Making things more complex, Canadian Armed Forces conducted a self-assessment only to discover they “could not conduct a major operation while simultaneously maintaining its NATO battle group leadership [in Latvia] and aid to Ukraine.” While many of their European allies also fail to make their required contributions, they are all tired of the Canadian excuses.

However, it isn’t easy to demand your overly nice friend start remembering his wallet when you go out. Much the same, it’s hard for them to demand Canada pay up. Especially when all they ever have is a salad.