Canadian Government Thinks Civil War the Most Likely 2024 Outcome in the US

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The Canadian government is bracing itself for the possibility of a civil war breaking out in America following the 2024 election. Do they know something we don’t? A think tank called Policy Horizon Canada questioned hundreds of experts and government officials to learn what they think is the most imminent threat to the nation. The recommendation they came up with resulted in a 37-page internal document warning that the political divisions in the US could lead to a new civil war.

The report warns that political divisions and domestic unrest will likely be the driving forces behind a civil war breaking out here.

Oh, and the report’s authors think our election will be fake and stolen, which it refers to as “democratic erosion.”

The study concluded that civil war in America poses an even greater risk to Canada than the possibility of homemade biological pathogens, a pandemic that results in mass deaths and food shortages, and the outbreak of World War 3. The study’s authors urged the Canadian government to develop new technology to prevent cyber attacks that could disable critical infrastructure.

Perhaps if the Democrat Party hadn’t spent the last 44 years undermining every Republican victory for the White House, we wouldn’t be in such a precarious position right now. Whenever a Democrat wins the White House, we are assured that our elections are squeaky clean. If a Republican wins, however, no conspiracy theory is too crazy for the Democrats to cling to.

In 1980, the Democrats claimed that Ronald Reagan’s campaign had sent a secret delegation to Iran and urged the mullahs to continue holding American hostages until after the election. What other possible reason could there have been for Iran to hold those hostages for so long? It couldn’t have been because Iran viewed Jimmy Carter as a foreign policy joke or the fact that Reagan had promised to stomp Iran into an ashtray once he was in charge.

In 1988, George HW Bush stole the election from Michael Dukakis (according to Democrats) by running a truthful ad about Willie Horton. As governor of Maryland, Dukakis had allowed Horton a weekend furlough to get out of jail, even though Horton was a violent criminal. Horton traveled to Maryland, where he abducted, raped, tortured, and robbed a couple in their home.

Nothing about the Willie Horton ad that the Bush campaign ran was false or inaccurate. That didn’t stop Democrats from complaining for years that it was a dirty trick and an “October surprise” to steal the election.

In Bill Clinton’s elections in 1992 and 1996, Democrats assured us that our elections were just fine. No problems at all!

Remember what happened in 2000, though? The Supreme Court “stole” the election from Al Gore! The media spent years after 2000 in Florida recounting the ballots to try to prove that Al Gore was the real president after that. Despite never coming up with more votes for Gore in any of those years-long recounts, Democrats to this day cling to the conspiracy theory that Gore won.

Both of Barack Obama’s elections were just fine, though. Nothing to report there!

Which brings us to 2016 and the craziest election conspiracy theory in American history. Democrats to this day will tell you with a straight face that Putin hacked the 2016 somehow. Details are hazy, but they’re sure it happened!

None of those elections had the types of anomalies, discrepancies, and shenanigans that we saw in 2020. Americans don’t believe the results of that election because we’ve never been allowed to check the ballots. We’re just supposed to take the word of election officials and the media.

So, here we are. Forty percent of Americans in recent polling think we’re headed to a civil war within the next five years. Maybe Canada isn’t so farfetched in thinking the same thing.