Can Biden Make it Two More Years? You Had Better Hope So…

Mario Breda /
Mario Breda /

Like most of you, I wholeheartedly believe the sooner we are rid of Joe Biden as POTUS, the better. However, the alternative will undoubtedly be far worse, as one video of Vice President Kamala Harris just proved.

At 80 years old, with too many gaffes to count, and policy after policy that has failed and left our nation in increasing ruin, you’d think there couldn’t be much worse than the leadership of dementia-ridden Joe Biden.

But then there’s his right-hand woman, someone who apparently doesn’t even know what the FDA stands for.

The fact that she doesn’t know this came out on Friday during an interview with Telemundo, the Spanish network. She was talking about abortion and how with actual abortion procedures now effectively banned in a number of states, abortion alternatives such as the drug mifepristone are being used. Or at least they were until a nationwide injunction against the life-destroying prescription was filed by a federal judge in Texas recently.

If you hadn’t heard, mifepristone was banned by Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk after he discovered that its approval by the Food and Drug Administration back in 2000 had used a questionable fast-track process based on what the judge considers “plainly unsound reasoning” and “political pressure.”

Kacsmaryk also noted that judicial review of the approval decision by the FDA had been “stonewalled.”

And so he filed an injunction on the drug, drawing many to question its safeness for public use.

But on Friday, the Supreme Court filed a stay on that injunction, allowing the drug to be in continuous use until the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reviews Kacsmaryk’s ruling and makes one of their own.

In her interview with Telemundo, Harris tried explaining all of this. Naturally, she used the FDA’s name. Only she got it wrong.

According to her, the court battle is an effort “to take a medication off the market which was approved 20 years ago by the federal drug administration.”

Now, as I mentioned before, the FDA most certainly does NOT stand for the federal drug administration. And someone who is a heartbeat away from assuming the Oval Office should know that.

I mean, the FDA is literally a part of the very same executive branch, as it is a crucial section of the Department of Health and Human Services. In fact, it would have been Harris’ purview to help decide who should be given positions as head of that department as well as the FDA. At the very least, she’s expected to work with those Departments regularly.

Now, of course, some of you might say that I’m just nitpicking here. She could have simply made a verbal mistake, replacing “Food and” with federal. And that’s true to some degree. I mean, Biden does it all of the time. But this is Harris we are talking about, a 58-year-old without the same cognitive decline issues as her boss.

Additionally, before serving as Biden’s VP, Harris was what many would call a successful lawyer, first making her way to San Francisco’s district attorney’s chair and then to California’s Attorney General. Of course, all of this was followed by her becoming a US senator.
Someone with that kind of legal acumen should certainly know and have a good handle on the FDA and how to refer to it in a conversation.

At the very least, should she call it by the wrong name, she should have the sense or decency to correct herself, right? Hell, even Biden does that.

And since Harris didn’t, it means she actually doesn’t know what it stands for, or she doesn’t care, neither of which is a good look for someone who might end up being sworn into office because her boss can no longer hack it.

Naturally, the whole incident has more than a few Americans concerned. No, we don’t like where Biden is taking us. But if Harris is already making mistakes this bad, two more years of Biden have got to still be better than what she can offer.