Biden Spending $332 Million to Settle Illegal Alien Rapists & Murderers in Your Neighborhood

Vic Hinterlang /
Vic Hinterlang /

The good news is that Joe Biden has finally decided to spend a bunch of taxpayer money on the US-Mexico border crisis that he created. The bad news? Biden is giving all of the money to the illegal aliens. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Friday that it will be doling out $332.5 million in welfare to provide more food to the obese illegal alien rapists and murderers flooding across the border, and to resettle them in your neighborhood.

The cash will be distributed by the National Board of the Emergency Food and Shelter Program. It’s being billed as “humanitarian relief” to help the local governments that are overloaded by the hordes of invaders from insane asylums that Biden is allowing into the country.
Biden has turned the southern border into the Mariel boatlift crisis of 1980 – TIMES 50. When Cuban dictator Fidel Castro emptied his prisons and lunatic asylums that year and sent them all to the United States, we ended up absorbing 125,000 Cuban criminals and nutjobs. The Al Pacino film “Scarface” depicts the results of that disaster, which happened on Jimmy Carter’s watch.

Joe Biden has allowed 50 times as many illegals into the US. We’re up to an “official” number of 6.3 million and counting, as Mexico, Central America, and South America empty out their prisons and mental health wards and hurl their problems at our border.

Reporting from the Darien Gap in Central America, independent journalist Michael Yon reports that at least 100,000 hardened Chinese soldiers are among the next wave expected to cross the border once President Donald Trump’s Title 42 expires. So, it looks like we can look forward to many more train derailments and strange fires at food processing plants all across the country.

In addition to the $332.5 million being sent out to feed the illegals, DHS will send another $360 million to communities through the Shelter and Services Grant Program. That will bring the total spent to HELP illegal aliens to $692.5 million for the year. Which is approximately $692.5 million more than Joe Biden has spent helping the tens of thousands of Americans who are now homeless because of mass immigration into our country.

Housing is one of the simplest ways to explain to people how harmful immigration is to any country. This is a matter of simple supply and demand because we have a finite number of homes and apartments in America. Anytime an immigrant, whether they are legal or illegal, rents a housing unit in the United States, it artificially lowers the availability of housing for Americans.

This causes the price of rent to go up. The main reason rents go down is because rentals sit vacant for longer periods of time. Landlords get antsy when a property sits empty, so they lower their prices. What have rents been doing ever since the 2020 election was stolen and the crusty imposter who was not elected was installed in the White House? Rents have skyrocketed, obviously.

Joe Biden has allowed 6.3 million invaders into the country. That’s more than the population of 33 US states. Did we have that many empty apartments or houses sitting around, just waiting for renters? Of course not. This is why increasing numbers of Americans are ending up homeless—they simply can’t afford the exploding rent prices caused by Joe Biden’s version of the Mariel boatlift times 50. Don’t worry about the murderers and rapists that Joe Biden is moving into your neighborhood, though. He’s paying for their rent and groceries with your tax dollars.