Biden Insults Town Devasted by Tornado


If you live in the Midwest or even the South, you know that the end of winter, moving into spring and summer, is tornado season, when warmer winds collide with the cold, creating dangerous weather patterns. As part of his job, President Joe Biden is expected to help the communities these patterns adversely affect and offer support.

But he can’t even do that without adding insult to injury.

The latest example of this comes from Rolling Fork, Mississippi, where an EF4 tornado killed 26 on March 24 and completely changed the lives of hundreds more.

As is expected, Biden recently made the trip to the small town to offer the support of the federal government and supposedly let the community know that they were not alone.

However, as usual, he made quite the royal mess of things, both letting the community know that he, in fact, does not care and insulting them. Hell, he couldn’t even say the name of the town correctly.

Instead of calling it Rolling Fork, he said “Rolling Stone.” And not just once.

As he stood before the tornado-torn crowd, he said, “We’re not just here for today. We are focused now on making sure you got a place to sleep, food to eat, helping you rebuild your lives in Rolling Stone.”

A little later, he said “Rolling Stone” again.

“The town of Rolling Stone will be back, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.”

The crowd had finally had enough after this one, though.

One community member yelled out, “Rolling Fork,” correcting Biden.

Of course, Biden at first tried to deny his mistake. “What did I say, I said Rolling Fork. Rolling Stone. I got my mind going here.”

Oh, his mind is going alright. At least he can admit that.

However, it does nothing for the community that just lost so much. It does nothing to reassure them that their lives matter, either to Biden himself or those who are under his charge and supposedly carrying out his commands.

And it does nothing for a nation that already second-guesses his mental faculties.