Biden Giving Asylum Seekers Until 2035 to Show up in Court

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The situation at the southern border is becoming increasingly chaotic and dangerous, now that Joe Biden has allowed Title 42 to expire. Biden originally demanded that the Border Patrol play catch-and-release with the new and much larger surge of illegals coming in. A federal judge blocked that, however, and ruled that the Biden regime must assign a court date for any illegal they release into the country as a “refugee” seeking asylum. In response to that, the Biden regime is assigning some illegals court appearance dates that are in some cases more than a decade from now.

Bill Melugin of Fox News was one of the first reporters to discover that this is Biden’s latest stunt to keep the border open. He talked to an illegal alien from Venezuela, who showed him his court papers. The illegal’s order to appear for an asylum hearing is in 2027. This means that the illegal alien is now allowed to stay in the country for the next four years before they even have to appear in court.

The New York Post also has reporters in Brownsville, TX right now. They talked to multiple illegal aliens who have been receiving court appearance dates well into the future.

One had an order to appear in New York City in 2025. Another had their hearing scheduled in Dallas for 2027. One in Chicago was scheduled for 2032, and one in Florida had their hearing set for 2035—twelve years from now!

Joe Biden is giving these invaders up to twelve years to stay in the country without even having to worry about an ICE agent knocking on their door. This unsustainable catastrophe will destroy the America that we know and love unless the American people elect someone in 2024 who is willing to undertake mass deportations of millions of invaders who have no right to be here.

Many people still don’t see the connection between all of the illegals flooding in and the inflation of the US dollar. Based on inflation, Americans working at chicken processing plants or other tough, low-skilled jobs should be making $30 an hour right now. Instead, the elite uni-party in Washington, DC decided to keep wages incredibly low by importing a massive new labor force.

Yes, the Democrats will benefit from the invasion because they will allow the aliens to illegally vote in our elections. But the real benefit to them, and to Republicans in Congress, is that American wages remain stagnant during inflation. That’s all this is. It’s a scam that now dates back decades.

An illegal alien comes to America and sucks up an entry-level job that American kids used to be able to find, such as washing dishes for a restaurant. The employer hires the illegal for lower pay. Even if they don’t pay for health insurance for the illegal, that is a massive cost saving for the company employing him.

Once the illegal alien gets injured, he goes to the hospital with no insurance, and they have to treat him. The employer knows nothing will happen to them for paying an illegal and not providing health insurance. The American taxpayers have to pay for that illegal’s healthcare through higher medical costs for everyone else.

The only people who benefit from this rigged system are the shady employer who is paying lower wages to the illegal, and the illegal alien getting taxpayer-funded healthcare.

Inflation cannot go down in this situation until the border is sealed. Otherwise, the illegals will continue sucking up all the jobs and crushing American wages. It speaks volumes that Joe Biden is willing to keep these people here for more than a decade before there’s even the slightest chance they will be deported.

If only there were a candidate running in 2024 who could reverse this awful trend!