Biden Energy Dept. Appointee Accused of Felony Luggage Theft a Second Time

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

Sam Brinton is one of Joe Biden’s groundbreaking appointees in his inclusive dictatorship. Brinton is the first gender non-binary weirdo to be appointed as a deputy assistant secretary at the US Department of Energy. As we said – groundbreaking!

Just like he’s in charge of America’s nuclear waste disposal.

Disposing of nuclear waste is a serious job. You wouldn’t want that stuff falling into the wrong hands, so you want to make sure that only people with high levels of trust and integrity are given jobs in the Energy Department. That’s why Sam Brinton has been given the highest security clearances possible by the US government. That’s how great and groundbreaking he is.

Only… Sam Brinton has been on leave at the Department of Energy since November. That was when he was caught stealing a woman’s designer luggage and clothes from the airport in Minneapolis. It was a $2,300 suitcase that he stole, so he was charged with felony theft. Brinton claims the whole thing was just a mix-up at the airport because he thought it was his expensive designer bag which he doesn’t own.

Now, Sam Brinton is making headlines again – or he would be, if the mainstream media ever covered anything that shows the Biden regime in a bad light. A new felony warrant has been issued against Brinton for stealing a woman’s designer suitcase at the Las Vegas airport. This latest suitcase that he allegedly stole is worth up to $5,000, so Sam Brinton obviously has a good eye for fancy luggage.

Given the way that Brinton normally dresses himself, we probably don’t want to know what he’s doing with those allegedly stolen clothes. Who would have thought that a gender non-binary dude with a bestiality fetish (the internet is flooded with pictures of Sam Brinton spanking men dressed as puppies) would turn out to be less than ethical?

If only there were some warning signs before he was put in charge of America’s nuclear waste disposal!