Biden Approval Rating Climbs to 12 Percent Ahead of 2024 Announcement

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Nikki Haley launched her doomed presidential campaign in mid-February as expected. More and more candidates will be jumping into the 2024 race over the next few weeks. Joe Biden (LOL-81-million) is expected to announce his run for reelection soon. And why wouldn’t he? He’s polling at 12% among Democrat voters, making him the most popular candidate on their party’s bench!

In an AP-NORC poll released on Valentine’s Day, Biden is the leader of the pack with an amazing 12% support base. We know what you’re thinking. How did Joe Biden suddenly get THAT popular? He must be experiencing a surge in support thanks to all the balloons he’s shooting down.

In all seriousness, this poll reveals just how shallow the Democrat Party’s bench really is. Virtually no one likes any of them after two years of their insane mismanagement of the country.

Trailing Biden in a three-way tie is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), and a crusty dinosaur named Bernie Sanders. They all received 5% support. It’s actually slightly terrifying that those three are the top choices to replace Biden since all three are radical socialists who are very far to the left of Old Joe. And we don’t mean to pick on Bernie because of his age. He’s definitely in better mental shape than Biden, who has trouble stringing together complete sentences.

Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris are the next most popular possibilities, polling at just 3%. That’s gotta be disappointing to both of them. Imagine the guy who drove the price of eggs up to $10 a dozen being 4 TIMES more popular than you. Advice to Mayor Pete and Kamala: Don’t run. We mean it. Almost no one likes you.

Also polling at 3% is Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Another 3% of Democrats who are apparently unfamiliar with how the Constitution works chose Barack Obama as their favorite candidate. Nancy Pelosi came in dead last at 2%.

What’s interesting about the poll is that two of the media’s fantasy candidates – Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama – didn’t even get enough votes to show up on the list. The mainstream media is doing its level best at casting word spells to pump those two up, but it’s obviously not working. When Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris are more popular than you, you’ve probably made some terrible life decisions.

A 37% plurality of Democrat voters chose not to answer the poll question, because they literally couldn’t think of any Democrat they want to run the country – including Joe Biden. The Democrats in Congress and the White House have done such a terrible job on the American economy that many of those 37% probably miss Donald Trump. Heaven knows the rest of us do.

The good news is that despite Nikki Haley jumping the race, Republicans have two much better candidates that we’re going to have to choose between. Donald Trump has proven himself as the greatest jobs president in US history. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will jump into the race (probably this summer) at some point. Both are great choices, and they’re going to have a bruiser of a primary fight. Despite all the naysaying, this is great news for GOP voters.

We have two fantastic candidates who are going to fight it out, and we’re going to get the best possible nominee from this. Democrat voters look like they’re already dreading the upcoming race, because they know they don’t have any viable candidates and their party has only a record of disasters to run on.

Anyway, congratulations on Joe Biden climbing all the way up to 12% support! That’s… really something.