Australian Cops: Please Rat Out Your Neighbors If They’re Opposed to Covid Shots

Casimiro PT /
Casimiro PT /

One of the most clarifying things about the Covid era has been this: Many of us now know which of our co-workers, neighbors, or even family members are snitches who will rat us out to the authorities for not following their unconstitutional rules. Sadly, the answer is a lot of them. It’s gotten like that in many Western countries these days.

People are willing to rat out others for breaking the rules, even if there’s no reward for it. In Australia, cops are now encouraging people to turn in their neighbors if they talk about medical facts related to the mRNA Covid shots.

In Queensland, the Police Deputy Commissioner Tracy Linford said publicly last week, “If it’s anybody out there that knows of someone who might be showing concerning behavior around conspiracy theories, anti-government, anti-police … conspiracy theories around COVID-19 vaccinations … we’d wanna know about that.”

We’ll bet she would.

The problem that Australian citizens now face is that the conspiracy theorists have been correct about basically everything during the pandemic, while the politicians and experts have either been wrong or flat-out lying about everything. Consider just a few of the things that have now been established as facts in the past year.

Paper or cloth masks don’t do anything to stop a respiratory virus. Quarantining the young and healthy to protect the sick and infirm is upside down compared to every previous pandemic response in history, and economically insane. The mRNA Covid shots did not, as promised, provide 100% protection against the virus. The shots do not stop the spread of the coronavirus, as Pfizer has now admitted it knew all along. The risk profile for Covid shots is so bad that most people under the age of 60 are better off never receiving a single one.

Those were all conspiracy theories a year ago but were proven true after rigorous scientific research was carried out after the fact. Those are still conspiracy theories according to the leaders of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and other places. And they really want people to snitch on their neighbors if they see them not wearing a mask that doesn’t work, not getting a shot that doesn’t work or stating true facts about the shots on the internet.

The Queensland request for Aussies to snitch on their neighbors comes following an encounter last month in which two police officers and a civilian died in a shootout with an “internet conspiracy theorist.” The story is being reported as if the rural Australian man laid in wait and ambushed the innocent cops, because that’s what conspiracy theorists do, right? But there’s a bit more of a chicken-or-the-egg aspect to this story.

The alleged conspiracy theorist had been ratted out by his neighbors because he posted factual data about the Covid shots on Facebook. He was also rightly concerned that the Australian government has turned into a bunch of fascist control freaks under the guise of protecting people from a respiratory virus that is not much more dangerous than the flu.

So, after he typed those words on the internet, the cops showed up in force at his rural property. A shootout then ensued with the police, after they invaded the man’s home. Is this really the “conspiracy theorist’s” fault? Surely the shootout never would have happened in the first place, if a neighbor had not ratted him out and the cops had not shown up in force to arrest him for typing things on Facebook.

You have to wonder if the neighbor who snitched is happy with that outcome. And when the next pandemic comes around and many of us refuse to comply with any mandates, are our friends, neighbors, and family members going to snitch on us? Sadly, we already know the answer.