AOC Worries McCarthy Will Make Severe Cuts to Medicare/Social Security

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

If you haven’t heard, there’s a growing problem with our economy, and one that newly elected Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says will not involve cuts to either social security or Medicare. But leftists like the infamous AOC aren’t sure he can keep his word on that.

I’m sure none of you were surprised when Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wrote to McCarthy and other leading congressional members almost as soon as the new year began to inform them that the US has yet again run out of money. Yes, despite having the national debt ceiling raised by trillions of dollars just last year, we have already spent it all.

Now, unless some serious changes are made (and fast), the US runs the risk of not only being broke but not being able to pay off its debts or bills.

And so, Congress is convening to supposedly solve the issue.

Right in line with President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech is the Democrats’ plan to simply raise the debt ceiling once again, allowing the US government’s already poor spending habits to only increase our debts rather than pay them off.
Republicans, known for their less frivolous spending habits, have another idea. Mostly it involves creating a better budget for the government and making some cuts where need be. But, as McCarthy said earlier in the year, simply raising the debt ceiling is like giving yet another credit card to an uncaring youth with out-of-control spending habits.

Of course, the better option would be to make some cuts, as all individuals are usually forced to in lean times. But that leads us to what exactly should be cut.

As usual, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her leftist cohorts assume that Republicans will want to cut necessary things like social security, Medicare, and other critical social services. They do really believe the worst first, don’t they?

According to AOC, “Kevin McCarthy says a lot of things, but the math does not add up in what he’s talking about.”

She went on to tell The Independent that McCarthy has said there will not be cuts to Medicare and Social Security, nor will there be cuts to other critical services. But she doesn’t see how that’s possible if, in fact, he’s planning to make cuts.

Now, this really shouldn’t surprise us, either.

For an economics major, AOC has proven on more than one occasion that her “math” skills aren’t all that accurate, and neither does she have all that much common sense when it comes to spending. Have you seen her Green New Deal?

And so, since she can’t see a way to make cuts without doing so to Medicare and Social Security, she thinks there must not be any other options.

Of course, she isn’t the only liberal to assume that Republicans will be cutting these two crucial social services. As I mentioned before, even Biden talked about this in his SOTU, thinking that the GOP would go full fascist on him.

Some of this undoubtedly comes from the fact that not all GOP members are in agreement about not making cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Naturally, these are two of the government’s major spending areas, so making cuts to them only seems to make sense to some.

But as White House spokesperson Andrew Bates told Bloomberg, that’s not what the Democrats think Americans want, especially when some are also considering making tax cuts for the rich and corporations.

For now, however, McCarthy is sticking to his guns and refusing to consider social security and Medicare cuts. AOC just isn’t willing to believe him.