Another Day, Another Suspicious Tragedy Under Biden’s Watch

Gints Ivuskans /
Gints Ivuskans /

Bedford, Ohio was rocked by a massive explosion on February 20th. Sending 14 people to the hospital, the explosion occurred at a metal production plant that specializes in brass and bronze alloys, I Schumann & Co.

Struck by two explosions, the first was comparatively minor, with the second one significantly larger.

While the Oakwood Fire Department considers the facility to be a safe site, they are conducting a full investigation as this kind of work is inherently dangerous. The shock to the small town hit at 2:30 pm and sent bricks flying. Striking neighboring buildings and cars, the debris was launched across the street.

According to Fox3, one man got an up-close and personal experience with the explosion.

“I was finishing my porkchop from Tasty Take-Outs, as I typically do… once I finished my porkchop, I was tidying up the inside, putting the bag away, and then suddenly – BOOM!! I turned my head and witnessed it – just an explosive blast. It was insane, I’m not sure how nothing hit me.”

Surprisingly, as of writing this, there are no deaths. However, one of the 14 was airlifted by a LifeFlight helicopter following the explosion. Yet, this is becoming the measuring stick since Biden became President.

From 2021 and beyond, President Biden has been encouraging policies and a lack of leadership that is inviting accidents and poor performance across the US. From this explosion, just 14 miles outside of Cleveland, to the train derailment just down the road in East Palestine, or the flower pot fires in Kissimmee, FL, it seems like something is happening every week. While many of the American people are starting to take notice, an alarming number are not recognizing the problem.

As easy as it is to blame the geriatric in the White House, he alone isn’t culpable. The liberal message has been to blame everyone else and absolve the person for doing wrong. Defunding the police and their other missions haven’t made the US a better place. Instead, it has kicked the can down the road and made us weaker than ever.

Yet, if you discuss it with the liberals, you get excuses about Trump or someone else. Somehow, it’s never the fault of the liberals and their policies and beliefs. Always the conservatives, and for nearly a decade now, specifically Donald Trump. This level of ignorance and disbelief is beyond learned; it is ingrained through thorough brainwashing.

For what it’s worth, Biden’s time in office hasn’t been the easiest. He was only handed a healthy economy, a growing job market, and a rebounding country. We persevered through the COVID pandemic and we got out on the other side. Yet, from day one, he just couldn’t help himself. He needed to destroy everything simply because it had a Republican connotation.

Workers at these facilities are now starting to pay the price for his incompetence. From failing to have inspectors enforce safety standards to keeping things secure, he has placed this nation in a perpetual state of shock and awe. As a nation, we haven’t been able to escape the horrific pattern of tragedy that keeps penetrating our population. Why? Because he seems to believe everything is fine, and that he is doing a great job. Just as long as he can keep giving to Ukraine instead of fixing the US, right?