10 Democratic Candidates Who Would Be Better Than Biden in 2024

danielfela / shutterstock.com
danielfela / shutterstock.com

The 2024 elections are just under two years away, but many potential candidates are getting ready to throw their hats into the ring. While President Biden is anticipated to be the automatic candidate for president from the Democrats, many others would like to challenge him, and 10 of them have a real shot at getting the nod.

VP Kamala Harris

While an active Vice President going toe-to-toe with their boss and a sitting President is not something we often see. However, Harris has been visibly different than Biden on substantial issues that greatly impact the right side of politics and the American people. Her willingness to reach across the aisle is something Biden can’t and won’t do.

Pete Buttigieg

Currently serving as Biden’s Transportation Secretary, he already had a horrifically failed bid in 2020. He could be the canary in the coal mine though, as his lack of popularity with the majority of America could help set the stage for an easy Republican victory.

Gretchen Whitmer

Her most recent election found her beating out a Trump-backed candidate in Michigan and also turned all three branches of Government blue. She was a finalist to run with Biden in 2020, and her stance on many crucial issues tends to lean a bit right of center.

Gavin Newsom

His “freedom” based campaign was very similar to the one run by FL Gov. DeSantis and got him a win in California. Pushing hard on the idea of keeping abortion legal in California, he isn’t winning any hardline Republican votes and could make for an interesting choice if he were to face either DeSantis or Trump. With his push to stay in the headlines, he would keep everyone talking about the US.

Stacey Abrams

After a horrific 10-year run in the House of Representatives for Georgia, she tried making a bigger name for herself in the 2022 GA Gubernatorial campaign. Needless to say, her campaign failed, and if she can’t win Georgia, but can beat Biden she’ll be an easy defeat for Republicans.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The liberal darling, her horrific speeches and hot-button issues she fails to present with any decorum make her a prime candidate for President in 2024. While her stances on many issues and ignorance leaves much to be desired, she is one of the few who has shown some respect to first responders and the troops.

Cory Booker

He ran a short 11-month campaign for President in the 2020 election but dropped out become it got serious. As a Senator, his primary focus has been on minority and low-income based issues. While defiant to the Republican agenda, he has reached across party lines more in the last 8 years than Biden ever has.

Andrew Cuomo

Following 10 years as the Governor of NY, he had a massive scandal involving sexual improprieties. That makes him nothing but another punching bag for any Republican candidate, and unlike Biden, he isn’t subscribed to the idea of making the American people dependent on the Government. He also doesn’t seem to be too fond of green energy after seeing how useless it can be in places that get lots of snow and cold.

Hillary Clinton

Much like every other Democrat on here, Hillary has been full of scandals. From her husband’s affairs and impeachment to her treatment of service members and her unsecure email servers, the stories of her issues are legendary. Should she run she would be blown out of the water like she was when Trump won in 2020.

Joe Manchin

Saving the best for last, Sen. Manchin has largely been taking tremendous care of the people of West Virginia and has a Republican mindset. His policies cross party lines, and he could run circles around Sleepy Joe. He’s truly the best of a terrible bunch of options.

Are any of these a possibility? Absolutely. The question is whether they could beat whoever ends up being the Republican candidate.